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There is no transport around the lodge except for a taxi service or your own transport. You can reach the lodge by 4 x 4 transportation.

There is no hospital facilities in and around 30 kms

The closest restaurant is 300 metres away. More restaurants and bars about 7-8 kms away

The water in the taps is safe fut brown due to high content of iron. Please boil the water before drinking. The water is treated with chlorine.

There were 2 cases of malaria during 2017. We are not using any malaria protection.

Please keep chalet doors closed because of the naughty monkeys.

Remember fire is always a possibility. Please be cautious Please use the fire extinquishers/hosepipe in the unlikely event of a fire.

Dangers in the Sea

Blue bottles – sting/burn not lethal

Cape current, seasonal and very dangerous

No shark attack has been noted

Water temperature 24 – 30 degrees year round